Thursday, 31 January 2008



GRAHM MASTER G- FLEX (haha i will continue to make up new names for look forward to it)

has finally set up the blog section on the thunderheist page


go there my children



The best video ever!! EVER!!


Shit look like a crack factory

hahahaha this is the best video ever--

this what shit look like when you on acid hahaha too many quotes!!



So last night i was lucky enough to be invited to an all you cant drink buffet at the grand opening of Extreme Fitness Club on the Danforth (aka butt fuck nowhere from the trendy and familiar downtown Toronto)

Anyway--- i got there at about 11pm when the closing time was me and my freinds decided to pound down everything we could...and i mean EVERYTHING...i had red wine, white wine, vodka, scotch, gin, and some other shit i didnt even ask...

By 11:30 i was well on my way to drunken rowdiness....i may or may not have broken my friend adams gazels....but i most deff dropped my new fucking cell phone in a toilet..i dont know how..but i did


The new state of the art work out facility was rammed with suits and gold diggers....all blond with over done tans...i drank more just so they would become nothing more than fuzzy objects --- i guess i was in denial -- hanging out with ginos and ginas...JESUS...

The point of this blog is this... in the girls bathroom there was a poor excuse for a all you can drinker in the shower with her clothes on ..all curled up..

it was really sad

And yea i know i should have sympathy ..but wtf ..what are girlfriends for! To tell you to stop..i have no sympathy for people who drink more than they can handle...

but then i got a forward in my facebook inbox...and it reminded me that when all you want to do is get fucked up on a school night-- us ladies need to remember to play safe-- here is what i got..take it and pass it on!

A woman at the nightclub, 'Crow Bar'- on Saturday night was taken by 5 men,
who according to hospital and police reports, gang raped her before dumping her.

Unable to remember the events of the evening, tests later confirmed the
repeat rapes along with traces of Rohypnol in her blood, with Progesterex,
which is essentially a small sterilization pill.

The drug is now being used by rapists at parties to rape and sterilize their

Progesterex is available to vets to sterilize large animals.

Rumor has it that Progesterex is being used together with Rohypnol, the date
rape drug. As with Rohypnol, all they have to do is drop it into the girls
drink. The girl can't remember a thing the next morning, of all that had
taken place the night before.

Progesterex, which dissolves in drinks just as easily, is such that the
victim doesn't conceive from the rape and the rapist needn't worry about
having a paternity test identifying him months later.



Progesterex was designed to sterilize horses.


The b*"%^*!s can get this drug from anyone who is in vet school or any

It's that easy, and Progesterex is about to break out big everywhere.

Believe it or not, there are even sites on the Internet telling people how
to use it.

Please FORWARD ~ This to everyone you know, especially girls.


Please make the effort to pass this onto all you know.

Guys, please inform all your female friends and relatives.

This has now been reported to have been used on 360 women around London and
over 900 in the United States.


And men, look after the girls you're with.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

On a lighter Note...Where or where is my...



so i finally saw the shake it to the ground video...

and i just want to say...i just want to take Rye Rye under my wings and hold her...
she is the cutest little person in the world...

and this is not me trying to be condescending in away... Little girl got flow too
It only makes sense that Mad Decent would take her on.

My only beef is this--


and you know what-- Im sick of this

Dear God,

I know you gave me all this talent and a gift for gab and prefectly arched eye brows (although i do have sometimes shade em in lol) and skin so soft it scares many peopl..

trye story-- never had acne..and im so thank full for all that


Like come on've all read the Bio's "Isis Nigerian born canadian raised"

Yea! that means i was born in AFRICA- i drank the water i even ate fufu and all the other nigerian fatty delights!

and what....even white girls have bigger butts than i currently looking into suing mc donalds for emotional damage-- yea where else do you think these white girls got that booty from --

Rye Rye says she gets it from her mama...

well my mother is 5"5 and mos def not skinny (sorry mom its the truth)

she has a but that can recite the American constitution while she walks...its actually an amazing thing to see hahah

Well No more

I have decided to fight back for all the LITTLE BOOTY GIRLS OUT THERE!!!

I just wrapped up a track with G -- called LBG (little booty Girls)
it has a great swing to it and a nice little dance and you didnt hear it from me..but we sent it to Wes and he loves it..



Shes not just our manager, she's my therapist!


So its Wednesday and time for our weekly Thunderheist Group phone conference but its also the 2 days before the first of the month and im in a non rock star way.... and imagine me walking into the pay day loan place like -- "look im a rapper"

they would say ..."right..."

With that said im also super stressed and when you put all those things together in a blender with ice and a splash of orange juice --you get a tall cold glass of ISIS VERBAL PUNCHES!

in other words we have now filled our weekly quota for band fights..
oh whats that-- you thought being in a band meant you always get a long.. well put it this way, did you always get a long with your brother or sister ..

I SURE AS HELL DIDNT!!! there were plenty of pranks, bloody noses and my parents screaming "DID YOU PUT YOUR BROTHER IN THE DEEP FREEZER AGAIN!?"

I had four bothers what do you expect---

Anyway.. for those who know me ... know when im pissed or stressed i have a way with projecting my own shit on other people..and my fuse is really short - so if you see me mad heres some advice, in the eternal words of the wise literary genius Ludacris


I think there are only a few things and a few people who can actually calm me best friend Tracy and my manager Tash..

Poor Tash had to wear two hats earlier this afternoon..not just the manager in the conference call but also referee... verbal punches go flying and shes ducking out the way trying to calm things down..

Eventually -- the inevitable 45 minute convo about what was making me mad happened..and you know what -- it had little to do with Grahmmaster i will put it out there


See im kind of like that big black guy from Green know and sometimes all i needs is a hug...

You know come to think of it...without our manager - there would be no thunderheist
we would have killed each other a year a i suggest you all leave a comment saying thank you Tash for keeping isis calm and productive.

The best part is i get a manger and therapist for the price of one



Monday, 28 January 2008

Love Her Madly


So its Monday....

I know how much some of you can hate mondays...and the more i think about it -- my monday isnt so bad, im just swamped with a shit load of paper work and things ive let sit around for too long (ie my dishes and banking) .

So yea maybe i dont have to wake up at 6am..or 8 or whatever un-godly hour you may have to wake just to have some douch bag over achiever tell you to grab them a coffee, or ask you whats going on with a deadline or walk some rich kids dog

oh crap.....i think i should try a different my lifes awesome!

well i guess my point is people usually think being a full time artist is some easy fun loving winter wonderland or some shit-- and yes it is when we are on stage and drunk on 300 dollars worth of patron and smoking the best west coast bud your pretty little pro-nails can get their pretty littles tips on ...but when you wake up at 8am after getting home at 7am --

and your flights at 1pm at LAX....then no fucking sucks balls! This can also be said for times when you tour half of europe get back home , and with just your bills alone ..your only left with enough money for rent, food, beer and 1 stripper...

JUST 1!!!!!

I think full time rock stars should reclaim MONDAY....cus we cry too..and have dealines, and we have bills..and not all of us are rich..and most of all

Everyone Hates mondays!

Now back to my joint and the Doors..its my lunch break :)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Operator get me the president of the WORLD!!!!


So its come to my attention Ive been living under a giant rock for most of my life...
I've heard a lot about Tokyo Police Club , and heard maybe 1 or two songs but didnt take the time to really explore their music. On saturday they played a free live show at Nathan Phillip Square (downtown Toronto) and it was amazing!!!!

I was Freezing my ass off because it was an outdoor show, but somethings about the festive lights and controlled barn fires, and couples skating in the center of the man made ice rink and the sparkly snow made it all worth it. Now i dont know if its cus im black so im just genetically pre-disposed to hating the snow..but this time - i actually liked it. It was all so darn pretty and when they started to play "Citizens of Tomorrow" (which is now one of my favorite songs for 08) i for the first time remembered what makes a good live show outside of just the musicians. I could have seen them at some concert space or indoor club and saved my toes from frost bite, but something about the snow and lights and couples skating together made the concert more like theme music or a soundtrack to what was already going on.

And thats what makes good music...when you hear your favorite song or a new song for the first time coming through your headphones while you try to avoid being hit by some stupid old lady with a way too big coach bag, and look out the window and all of a sudden everything some how is

i know i sound like a total hippy right now..and i promise you im totally sober (well i have a bottle of red wine..but i havnt opened it yet :-) about the next time you decide to take a walk, or the bus or on your way to class or work make a favorite songs play list or better yet buy the Tokyo Police club Lp - its only about 20 minutes long but worth it-- and just look around..look out the window..look at the people around you...and you'll find that all of a sudden you feel like your in a music video!

And hell ..its a great way to practice being

good luck!


THEY ARE GOOD OL HOME GROWN CANUKS!!! BEAT THAT ...seems like all the good music is starting to slowly but surely trickle down from the NORTH!!


Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Im sure many of you have seen the previews for Cloverfeild and some of you are thinking either 2 things

This movie is stupid
Wow i really want to see that

I was part of the latter group and was lucky enough to be taken out last night to see it

All i can say is at some point i actually screamed....yes -- hardcore gangster know it all Isis-- SCREAMED!!! I will say this much -
It is one of the best movies out right now and one of the best movies ive seen in a very long time

As soon as you have 11.95 CND (lol) i say you go see it, and if you are a bit skirmish when it comes to monsters and creepy sounds then i suggest you bring a friend...

I RATE THAT MOVIE 9.5 out of 10!!!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Grey Goose to Patron???? Goodmorning america!



Someone recently asked me if i had really moved from Grey Goose to Patron...
Well first of all..i mainly drank Belvi-- grey goose i used in my raps because it was a two syllable word...true story lol

A little rap 101 for you guys out there...its not just the words you use its the amount of syllables and even the pronunciation ...For example

Got a bottle full of bub
pettles in the pub
if he misses this date
ill cut his grapes
and escape to cuba for a date
and back rub

see what i did there....haha

its actually an underrated art form, for those of us who have been doing it way before the club rap scene popped off-- more on that later kids.

anyway-- no i have not left the wonderful world of chilled vodka, however i am currently seeing Patron on a more frequent sure Belvi will understand--
people, like their favorite drinks--sometimes just grow apart

Here is a short list of the quickest ways to get drunk...more so bang for bucks...

Isis Top 5 Favorite Drinks mixes:

5. 3 Creemors + 2 shots of vodka (any vodka will do)
4. 4 red bulls + 1 mickey of vodka
3. 2 gin and tonics + 1 creemore + 1 shot of tequila
2. 2 pints of Creemor + double whiskey on the rocks
1. any hard liqueur drink you get --ask them to leave out the ice and then order a beer

You will be well on your way to saving money and being tipsy enough to dance like you got rhythm and if your a girl -- this is a great way to start up the night before the guys start buying you drinks with the hopes of a hand job..and depending on the price of the shots maybe even some action in the corner stall of the ladies room...


NOTE: Creemor can be substituted for whatever beer you like...the cheaper the better-- something about the chemical balance between cheap beer and expensive liquor does something to your MINDDDDD!!!



Monday, 21 January 2008


The great thing about staying in on a monday evening is you get to watch great classic movies on AMC

(check out the new TV show Breaking bad Its amazing!) anyway......

so ...

Good old Anderson Cooper had a special report on the Hilton and Obama race- and all i can say is ive never seen so many black people on CNN in MY LIFE!! True story...and its all this talk about MLK (this is how they have abbreviated Martin Luther King because god forbid we have to hear his full name over and over again --note the sarcasm) I love how they have decided to blind the people with sex and race and not the real issues... Abortion, Gay Marriage, crack houses in black neighborhoods, You still got people in Iraq.. there is no universal health care-- people are still dying of hunger -- guns, and mc Donald's...and i wont even start about Katrina...cus we all know Bush hates black people! Kanye said it...and hell hes Kanye you got to believe him!

And thats just the basic shit-- com
e on ..i only stay in on mondays..i cant keep up with all of the US politics

I think we should all take the time to follow this ..not only because i do enjoy a little politics here and there ..but als
o the next president will determine whether or not we all dont make it past 2012 and the Myans were right...




There is this one person (YOU ARE is their screen name) who insist on commenting on my blogs and leaving very rude and hate filled shit on there

and i thought about deleting them- Ive already deleted a few but they keep coming back and im not going to spend my time deleting bullshit comments. so i figured fuck it

ill just put them on blast

if you hate me so much why do you read my i think you are 1 of 10 steady obvi im not that important..but you take the time out of your precious and important life , filled with im sure important and precious things , just to leave hate on my blog

so going to follow in the footsteps of the great Oprah...lets talk this out

would you like me to give you a hug...maybe send you some TH merchandise..or maybe you want a pair of my old underwear....

you just let me know what will make you happy ...and i will be more than willing to have you killed. :-)

Thank you and good day sir or madam

now back to your regularly scheduled program...


Im isis i rock ..rightttttttttt

Baby Gives The Evil Eye - Watch more free videos

Aint No party Like a thunderhiest Party...thats what she said


We recently did a unannounced show at WrongBar (Sat Jan 19th) a new spot that just opened up in the infamous queen west area of downtown Toronto. It already has the reputation for having one of the best sound systems in toronto and is the best for me because it stumbling distance from my 1 bedrm apt which means-- well i shouldn't have to explain that. Now it was supposed to be unannounced...but 1 text message lead to a good 100 people showing up just for us.. WHOA!

The place was packed with a good 300 or more people...line up outside hit the restaurant next door with people freezing in the cold and waiting to get in..I had to hide in the alley for a smoke with the fear that i would be consumed by the crowd of people hoping i could get them in or atleast help them bypass the line....which totally ruined my previous weed buzz....yea rappers have feelings to!

I was super stressed because grahm was late (and he is never i thought hell froze over ...cus GRAHM IS NEVER LATE!-- NEVER!) but finally after the good bar manager took care of me with an endless helping of tequila shots and our good friends from Mstrkrft showed up with a bottle of Belvi and the signature drink Crown Royal...i really didnt give a fuck...

which was perfect because right then grahm showed up and it was on.....

The place lit up ...we started off with Suenos -- so for the people who didnt know us it was a great surprise... by the time Jerk It came on the stage was packed with able body and very sweaty and very drunk and equally hot ladies and Gents....i was in a sea of good ol fashion mayhem... by the time i was done the song i had exhausted myself so i threw down the mic ..walked off the stage with people still dancing and hit the bar....after which i snuck out thru the back door with my hubby and smoked weed and fell asleep...all in a nights work...

The word is ..the party's awesome level pretty much kept going up from there

so check out Shark VS Bear for pix...and just know

When you hear we are playing in your city..i suggest you try to make it...and not just that get there early...cus everyone knows

Aint no party like a thunderheist party...even if we just show up someones getting pregnant!
Plus everyone knows i tend to attract ridiculously ridiculously good looking people!



A rock stars guide to stay at home Rehab


So some of you are wondering what that rehab comment was in my last post..

NO isis DOES NOT have a substance abuse problem of any kind! Feel free to ask about me! Lets just make that clear not Lyndsey or Amy...however i bet they must have some bomb as shit..haha

Random Fact # 73

Due to my occupation and age i am able to consume copious amounts of alcohol-- more than some people think is humanly possible..and therefor must be supper human. as a matter of fact i'm currently involved in a study at several post secondary institution's including Oxford, Howard, Harvard, Yale and UofT - to determine whether or not i am an alien or better yet the first speck of proof that x-men really exist.


Now back to

for those of you out there who can not afford the luxury spa like rehab stars like Spears, Lohan, Amy --well not Amy cus she said ..NO NO NO...-- lol (i know bad joke..its harder to type em out- yet they sound so funny in my head.)

anyway here is a little guide that i like to follow when i know ive partied a little too much and need to take a break!

Step 1:

TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!!!! The biggest problem with saying NO is your friends, or atleast the people you tend to party with. You have to turn off your phone at peek party planning hours. For you guys on the east coast i would say 6pm-9pm EST this is usually right after dinner and right before the liqueur store closes (if you live in canada) if you live where there is no real government liqueur control board --- then GOD HELP YOU! (and pick me up a bottle of OE lol)

Step 2:

BUY LOTS OF WEED! What better way to curb any hard drug craving then with good ol non addictive naturally grown hydro-ponic chronic! And if the weed is really good , odds are you will spend most of your party evenings at home trying to stay awake and not eat your arm , after you've run out of Hogendaz strawberry cheese cake ice-cream--- mmmmm ice-cream. The one good thing about weed making you super chill and lazy is you wont want to go to some loud ass hard electro hypster filled club.

Step 3: DRINK LOTS OF WATER! This is a step i include in any of my programs (believe it or not i used to be a vegan and did Wing Chun, and yoga-- then i was touched by the venom and now wear a new suite..but i know what your thinking and NO that does not make me spiderman..we all know thats peter parkers job!) You would be surprised how little water you really drink. Especially if you drink as much as i do...this will clean out all the crap you've been putting in yourself.

Step 4: MAKE OTHER PLANS. Plan early evening dinner parties, movie nights, kereoke anything that will keep you from downing a bottle of patron and doing blow off some pre-pubescent swedish boys chest (not saying ive done this...just saying im sure it happens a lot-- ...) Plus we all know how boring it can be if you have been partying since thursday and now you want to stay in...lets remember REHAB CAN BE FUN....

haha that should be on a t-shirt -- make that a t-shirt and i will wear it and tell everyone to buy it from you-- true story!

Stay at home rehab is always easier if you have a significant other or a roommate that you can actually stand - you can stay in and play Jenga ..or x-box -- or have crazy monkey sex.. you would be surpsied how much time jenga and money sex can take out of your day-- esp if you do it at the same time!

Follow my steps and you will be back to your full health potential in 1.5-2 weeks. So healthy you will have more than enough energy to run yourself right back into the ground..and do it all over again

see Everything in moderation and balance. If you are going to go hardcore till 8am ..your better off spending the week before that friday taking it will feel less shitty on sunday

NOTE: If you really feel you may have a substance abuse problem i strongly urge you to seek help because addicts are not and will never be sexy...its a sad day to see such young awesomeness go to shit because a few lines and too many shots of yager in the afternoon. I myself have seen too many people go down that road...and its not cool. So take care of yourself.

Isis says only you can prevent forest fires...

oh and in no way shape or form am i telling any of you to have crazy monkey sex and play jenga at the same time-- someone could really get hurt
but if you do...put that shit on U-tube

And they dont love you like i Isis update


OK.... i know .. i know
How do you expect people to read your blog if your not even updating it regularly. Im sorry guys, a lot has happen in my own personal life that ive just been super busy, but again as the new Thunderheist song clearly states...

Im nothing without YOU.

So as of today. I plan to update this blog atleast by-weekly if not more. I also plan to start posting pics from some of my adventures and exclusive behind the scenes thunderheist pre-show footage, you would be surprised to see the type of stuff grahm does during sound check. For example the last show we played in ottawa with Paul Devro (Mad Decent) and Jokers of The Scene (Fools Gold) Grahm blessed all of us with his falsetto rendition of a classic Doobie Brothers song. It was epic!

So what have i been up to since my last post? well....

Thunderheist is going into hibernation to work on that album you crazy kids want so bad, we also have an EP that we are finalizing and again sorry its taken so long but when you are touring different continants in one month and doing a show every 3 days , it eats up some of your recording and writing time. 2007 was a crazy year for us, we met so many new people learned so many new things and played so many shows i dont even know how my liver is still running.

From LA to Sweden Denmark, France, Texas and everywhere else where the last call is 3am or later.

Ive been laying low in my home town of Toronto for the past few weeks -- post NYE coma and its been great. But because i am a creature of habit -- i dont see it lasting another week. Lets just say i put myself through rehab -- Also... when grahm gets around to it -There will be a link on the actually Thunderheist page to my blog.

Plenty of new Thunderheist music.....and i would like to get your opinion some of also look out for exclusive Thunderheist tracks.. my plan is to post them for a period of 48 hours , no downloads sorry....just a way for you guys to sample some of the new stuff so you dont get too bored with our myspace. Another way to get new Thunderheist songs is to come to our live shows....hint hint!

Anyway look out -- because im about to become a full fledged blogger!!!