Monday, 28 January 2008

Love Her Madly


So its Monday....

I know how much some of you can hate mondays...and the more i think about it -- my monday isnt so bad, im just swamped with a shit load of paper work and things ive let sit around for too long (ie my dishes and banking) .

So yea maybe i dont have to wake up at 6am..or 8 or whatever un-godly hour you may have to wake just to have some douch bag over achiever tell you to grab them a coffee, or ask you whats going on with a deadline or walk some rich kids dog

oh crap.....i think i should try a different my lifes awesome!

well i guess my point is people usually think being a full time artist is some easy fun loving winter wonderland or some shit-- and yes it is when we are on stage and drunk on 300 dollars worth of patron and smoking the best west coast bud your pretty little pro-nails can get their pretty littles tips on ...but when you wake up at 8am after getting home at 7am --

and your flights at 1pm at LAX....then no fucking sucks balls! This can also be said for times when you tour half of europe get back home , and with just your bills alone ..your only left with enough money for rent, food, beer and 1 stripper...

JUST 1!!!!!

I think full time rock stars should reclaim MONDAY....cus we cry too..and have dealines, and we have bills..and not all of us are rich..and most of all

Everyone Hates mondays!

Now back to my joint and the Doors..its my lunch break :)


Elyse Connery said...

YAY. I'm no rockstar, but I'm there. Also I totally sent you that commercial.

luke is your fatherneighbour said...

get a real J O.

isis said...


My REAL job is to take care of millions of peoples happiness

i would like to see you take on that responsibility ..

you need to think of me as less of a lazy brute and more like your neighborhood spiderman...


luke isyourfatherneighbour said...

k you win.