Monday, 21 January 2008

And they dont love you like i Isis update


OK.... i know .. i know
How do you expect people to read your blog if your not even updating it regularly. Im sorry guys, a lot has happen in my own personal life that ive just been super busy, but again as the new Thunderheist song clearly states...

Im nothing without YOU.

So as of today. I plan to update this blog atleast by-weekly if not more. I also plan to start posting pics from some of my adventures and exclusive behind the scenes thunderheist pre-show footage, you would be surprised to see the type of stuff grahm does during sound check. For example the last show we played in ottawa with Paul Devro (Mad Decent) and Jokers of The Scene (Fools Gold) Grahm blessed all of us with his falsetto rendition of a classic Doobie Brothers song. It was epic!

So what have i been up to since my last post? well....

Thunderheist is going into hibernation to work on that album you crazy kids want so bad, we also have an EP that we are finalizing and again sorry its taken so long but when you are touring different continants in one month and doing a show every 3 days , it eats up some of your recording and writing time. 2007 was a crazy year for us, we met so many new people learned so many new things and played so many shows i dont even know how my liver is still running.

From LA to Sweden Denmark, France, Texas and everywhere else where the last call is 3am or later.

Ive been laying low in my home town of Toronto for the past few weeks -- post NYE coma and its been great. But because i am a creature of habit -- i dont see it lasting another week. Lets just say i put myself through rehab -- Also... when grahm gets around to it -There will be a link on the actually Thunderheist page to my blog.

Plenty of new Thunderheist music.....and i would like to get your opinion some of also look out for exclusive Thunderheist tracks.. my plan is to post them for a period of 48 hours , no downloads sorry....just a way for you guys to sample some of the new stuff so you dont get too bored with our myspace. Another way to get new Thunderheist songs is to come to our live shows....hint hint!

Anyway look out -- because im about to become a full fledged blogger!!!

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