Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Shes not just our manager, she's my therapist!


So its Wednesday and time for our weekly Thunderheist Group phone conference but its also the 2 days before the first of the month and im in a non rock star way.... and imagine me walking into the pay day loan place like -- "look im a rapper"

they would say ..."right..."

With that said im also super stressed and when you put all those things together in a blender with ice and a splash of orange juice --you get a tall cold glass of ISIS VERBAL PUNCHES!

in other words we have now filled our weekly quota for band fights..
oh whats that-- you thought being in a band meant you always get a long.. well put it this way, did you always get a long with your brother or sister ..

I SURE AS HELL DIDNT!!! there were plenty of pranks, bloody noses and my parents screaming "DID YOU PUT YOUR BROTHER IN THE DEEP FREEZER AGAIN!?"

I had four bothers what do you expect---

Anyway.. for those who know me ... know when im pissed or stressed i have a way with projecting my own shit on other people..and my fuse is really short - so if you see me mad heres some advice, in the eternal words of the wise literary genius Ludacris


I think there are only a few things and a few people who can actually calm me best friend Tracy and my manager Tash..

Poor Tash had to wear two hats earlier this afternoon..not just the manager in the conference call but also referee... verbal punches go flying and shes ducking out the way trying to calm things down..

Eventually -- the inevitable 45 minute convo about what was making me mad happened..and you know what -- it had little to do with Grahmmaster i will put it out there


See im kind of like that big black guy from Green know and sometimes all i needs is a hug...

You know come to think of it...without our manager - there would be no thunderheist
we would have killed each other a year a i suggest you all leave a comment saying thank you Tash for keeping isis calm and productive.

The best part is i get a manger and therapist for the price of one




camcam said...

thanks Tash!!! Thunderheist fucking rules!!!

luke isyourfatherneighbour said...

tash also rules