Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Grey Goose to Patron???? Goodmorning america!



Someone recently asked me if i had really moved from Grey Goose to Patron...
Well first of all..i mainly drank Belvi-- grey goose i used in my raps because it was a two syllable word...true story lol

A little rap 101 for you guys out there...its not just the words you use its the amount of syllables and even the pronunciation ...For example

Got a bottle full of bub
pettles in the pub
if he misses this date
ill cut his grapes
and escape to cuba for a date
and back rub

see what i did there....haha

its actually an underrated art form, for those of us who have been doing it way before the club rap scene popped off-- more on that later kids.

anyway-- no i have not left the wonderful world of chilled vodka, however i am currently seeing Patron on a more frequent basis...im sure Belvi will understand--
people, like their favorite drinks--sometimes just grow apart

Here is a short list of the quickest ways to get drunk...more so bang for bucks...

Isis Top 5 Favorite Drinks mixes:

5. 3 Creemors + 2 shots of vodka (any vodka will do)
4. 4 red bulls + 1 mickey of vodka
3. 2 gin and tonics + 1 creemore + 1 shot of tequila
2. 2 pints of Creemor + double whiskey on the rocks
1. any hard liqueur drink you get --ask them to leave out the ice and then order a beer

You will be well on your way to saving money and being tipsy enough to dance like you got rhythm and if your a girl -- this is a great way to start up the night before the guys start buying you drinks with the hopes of a hand job..and depending on the price of the shots maybe even some action in the corner stall of the ladies room...


NOTE: Creemor can be substituted for whatever beer you like...the cheaper the better-- something about the chemical balance between cheap beer and expensive liquor does something to your MINDDDDD!!!




Safari said...

This one has a summer feel:
El Bandito
*Tall glass full of ice
*6 pieces of lime at the bottom of glass
*Equal parts white rum & coconut rum
*Fill the glass
*Mash limes w/ straw
*sip slow.... goes down smooth!

isis said...


yes...i'll have what hes having. thank you

Cass said...

this winter has been all about the perfect booze mix.

for me its looking like this:

2 bottles of 50 and a single jameson on the rocks

If you just got paid and your feeling a little sick and you eel like treating yourself right:

2 bottles heinie, double Jag on the rocks.

either one of these will make you remember why you love booze. repeat more then twice and you may or may not end up cranking dat.

use with caution.