Sunday, 27 January 2008

Operator get me the president of the WORLD!!!!


So its come to my attention Ive been living under a giant rock for most of my life...
I've heard a lot about Tokyo Police Club , and heard maybe 1 or two songs but didnt take the time to really explore their music. On saturday they played a free live show at Nathan Phillip Square (downtown Toronto) and it was amazing!!!!

I was Freezing my ass off because it was an outdoor show, but somethings about the festive lights and controlled barn fires, and couples skating in the center of the man made ice rink and the sparkly snow made it all worth it. Now i dont know if its cus im black so im just genetically pre-disposed to hating the snow..but this time - i actually liked it. It was all so darn pretty and when they started to play "Citizens of Tomorrow" (which is now one of my favorite songs for 08) i for the first time remembered what makes a good live show outside of just the musicians. I could have seen them at some concert space or indoor club and saved my toes from frost bite, but something about the snow and lights and couples skating together made the concert more like theme music or a soundtrack to what was already going on.

And thats what makes good music...when you hear your favorite song or a new song for the first time coming through your headphones while you try to avoid being hit by some stupid old lady with a way too big coach bag, and look out the window and all of a sudden everything some how is

i know i sound like a total hippy right now..and i promise you im totally sober (well i have a bottle of red wine..but i havnt opened it yet :-) about the next time you decide to take a walk, or the bus or on your way to class or work make a favorite songs play list or better yet buy the Tokyo Police club Lp - its only about 20 minutes long but worth it-- and just look around..look out the window..look at the people around you...and you'll find that all of a sudden you feel like your in a music video!

And hell ..its a great way to practice being

good luck!


THEY ARE GOOD OL HOME GROWN CANUKS!!! BEAT THAT ...seems like all the good music is starting to slowly but surely trickle down from the NORTH!!



Stephania said...

Isis are you in TO for good now? No more Montreal?

Maybe it's the cold!

isis said...

yes im in toronto for good

and yes to think of it now..maybe the cold caused me to hallucinate...come to think of it

maybe i was never even there


Raw Knee said...

It's so lovely to see one of my favorite musicians promoting one of my other favorite musicians.. (musicals acts?)