Monday, 21 January 2008

Aint No party Like a thunderhiest Party...thats what she said


We recently did a unannounced show at WrongBar (Sat Jan 19th) a new spot that just opened up in the infamous queen west area of downtown Toronto. It already has the reputation for having one of the best sound systems in toronto and is the best for me because it stumbling distance from my 1 bedrm apt which means-- well i shouldn't have to explain that. Now it was supposed to be unannounced...but 1 text message lead to a good 100 people showing up just for us.. WHOA!

The place was packed with a good 300 or more people...line up outside hit the restaurant next door with people freezing in the cold and waiting to get in..I had to hide in the alley for a smoke with the fear that i would be consumed by the crowd of people hoping i could get them in or atleast help them bypass the line....which totally ruined my previous weed buzz....yea rappers have feelings to!

I was super stressed because grahm was late (and he is never i thought hell froze over ...cus GRAHM IS NEVER LATE!-- NEVER!) but finally after the good bar manager took care of me with an endless helping of tequila shots and our good friends from Mstrkrft showed up with a bottle of Belvi and the signature drink Crown Royal...i really didnt give a fuck...

which was perfect because right then grahm showed up and it was on.....

The place lit up ...we started off with Suenos -- so for the people who didnt know us it was a great surprise... by the time Jerk It came on the stage was packed with able body and very sweaty and very drunk and equally hot ladies and Gents....i was in a sea of good ol fashion mayhem... by the time i was done the song i had exhausted myself so i threw down the mic ..walked off the stage with people still dancing and hit the bar....after which i snuck out thru the back door with my hubby and smoked weed and fell asleep...all in a nights work...

The word is ..the party's awesome level pretty much kept going up from there

so check out Shark VS Bear for pix...and just know

When you hear we are playing in your city..i suggest you try to make it...and not just that get there early...cus everyone knows

Aint no party like a thunderheist party...even if we just show up someones getting pregnant!
Plus everyone knows i tend to attract ridiculously ridiculously good looking people!




darryl said...

the last time i saw thunderheist i got WAY pregnant

isis said...


thats what she said


ladyirie said...

have you seriously moved on from Grey Goose to Patron???? Forever??? ...I don't really care, just wondering what to buy for you so we can party at SXSW?

getmoney said...

what a sweaty blur of a dance party that was...died until 8pm the next evening