Monday, 21 January 2008


The great thing about staying in on a monday evening is you get to watch great classic movies on AMC

(check out the new TV show Breaking bad Its amazing!) anyway......

so ...

Good old Anderson Cooper had a special report on the Hilton and Obama race- and all i can say is ive never seen so many black people on CNN in MY LIFE!! True story...and its all this talk about MLK (this is how they have abbreviated Martin Luther King because god forbid we have to hear his full name over and over again --note the sarcasm) I love how they have decided to blind the people with sex and race and not the real issues... Abortion, Gay Marriage, crack houses in black neighborhoods, You still got people in Iraq.. there is no universal health care-- people are still dying of hunger -- guns, and mc Donald's...and i wont even start about Katrina...cus we all know Bush hates black people! Kanye said it...and hell hes Kanye you got to believe him!

And thats just the basic shit-- com
e on ..i only stay in on mondays..i cant keep up with all of the US politics

I think we should all take the time to follow this ..not only because i do enjoy a little politics here and there ..but als
o the next president will determine whether or not we all dont make it past 2012 and the Myans were right...



Michelle said...

I'm so glad I came across you're blog. Can't wait for more.

Love from Edmonton AB,


Nneka said...

Peace sister Isis,

Im glad to hear your words. Knowledge is Power and we cant burn down babylon if we don't have Power. These people always hid the real issues, cause at the end of the day they dont give a fuck about anything thats not green (minus nature). I hope your music keeps reflecting what you know are the real issues. Mad respect hun.